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A live YouTube podcast were Burky and Badger (Kevin Burkhardsmeier and Barry Doublet) babble about board games. We chat with guests as well as the live audience. Play game show games and babble...about board games, of course (sometimes).

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Jul 10, 2020

***Welcome to Stephen Buonocore*** 3:30

***What’s up in Babblot*** 6:40

BGG picks up Table Top Event

Lots of virtual conventions

Happy hour at the Stronghold


***Sponsor break*** 26:58

The latest game from Arcane Wonders

***What game is behind the door*** 38:33

Our quiz show section, where we quiz our...

May 25, 2020

***What’s up in Babblot*** 3:50

Springtime gardening absorbs time

Game Toppers Accessories  

Kids and soundtracks

Board game reviews


***Sponsor break*** 12:10

The latest game from Arcane Wonders


***Things that make the King go Hmmm!*** 16:42

UK Games expo sponsorship and cancellation

Gen Con, Essen? Impact to...

Apr 25, 2020

Here is another Bitesize podcast from your blabbering duo in Babblot. Time is catching up with us so so we will reveal to you our most played and love games that were published in the year 2013. Did we miss again? Maybe next time we come back around to this time we may mention it. But feel free dimension in the comments...

Apr 14, 2020

***What’s up in Babblot*** 4:07

Nice weather


Convention shake up


***Peoples Poll*** 17:38

What did the people of out picks


***Sponsor break*** 20:50

The latest game from Arcane Wonders 

***Things that make the King go Hmmm!*** 27:40

Games workshop closing

What will remain?

***The good, the not so bad...

Feb 10, 2020

***Welcome Robert Geistlinger***3:55

***What’s up in Babblot*** 6:05

Tring to make the moons aline

Game Topper worker placement game

***Peoples Poll*** 11:00

What did the people of out picks

***Things that make the King go Hmmm!*** 14:25

Az moves from Mythic to Luck Duck

***Sponsor break*** 15:40

The latest game from