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A live YouTube podcast were Burky and Badger (Kevin Burkhardsmeier and Barry Doublet) babble about board games. We chat with guests as well as the live audience. Play game show games and babble...about board games, of course (sometimes).

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Feb 4, 2024

5:04 ***Things that make the King go Hmmm!*** 

Predictions for 2024

D&D 50th anniversary

16:08  ***Sponsor break***

Arcane Wonders with their spectacular World Wonders Age of Wonders: Planetfall, Foundations of Rome; Freedom Five, 

19:20 ***The Good, The Not So Bad & The Ugly*** 

Our first impressions of new games for us

 42:30 ***Sponsor break*** 

 Game Toppers 4.0  will be delivered soon. Don’t delay on the late pledge

39:57 ***The Babble***  

 Legacy and campaigns games

What is the difference between the two?

Do we like them?

Do we think more games should have this feature?

Is this a Kickstarter add on or  main design element?

What do you like about them?

What don’t you like about them?

Do you like that they add complexity as they go?

Are they really replayable?


Games mentioned:

World Wonders,

The 7th Citadel,

Star Wars: The Deckbuilding Game,

Malhya: Land Of Legends,

Age of Wonders: Planetfall,

Foundations of Rome;

Freedom Five,



Magic: The Gathering,

Disney Lorcana,


Undaunted: Normandy,

Ticket to Ride Legacy: Legends of the West,

Risk Legacy,

Pandemic Legacy,


Batman: Gotham City Chronicles,

The 7th Continent,

Dead Reckoning,

The Crew,


Zombie Kidz Evolution,


Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated,

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – The Adventure Game,

Descent: Journeys in the Dark,



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