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A live YouTube podcast were Burky and Badger (Kevin Burkhardsmeier and Barry Doublet) babble about board games. We chat with guests as well as the live audience. Play game show games and babble...about board games, of course (sometimes).

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Aug 13, 2019

***What's Up Babblot*** 5:14

GenKhan becomes Game Topper central

Food Food Food

Badger into D&D sounds


***Thing That Make Us Go Hmmm!*** 17:40

Logo a no-no! BGG hoo-haa

GenCon new games


***The Good, The not so Bad & The Ugly*** 27:18 

First impressions of brand new game that we’ve played. Did we think they were good, bad or ugly? Also, try to guess what these games are by their vague descriptions.


***Woods Of Evergreen*** 55:15

We are here for a walk in the Woods of Evergreen just outside the castle of Babblelot. Just strolling along memory lane, looking at Evergreen games that we think have survived the test of time. Here are our game from 2009


***The Babble*** 01:14:30

Babbling about unboxing and unboxing

What is the importance of unboxing?

Do you feel the need to unbox right away or savour it?

What games have you not unboxed?

What games are still on the shelf of shame?


***The Peoples Poll*** 01:37:55

What did you vote for?


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