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A live YouTube podcast were Burky and Badger (Kevin Burkhardsmeier and Barry Doublet) babble about board games. We chat with guests as well as the live audience. Play game show games and babble...about board games, of course (sometimes).

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May 6, 2016

How do you get the most enjoyment out of your games? 
...By playing it multiple times, of course. But what makes you keep coming back for more?

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***Things that make us go Hmmm!*** 8:40
New look Board Game Geek
Charterstone : A Legacy game from Stonemaier Games! 
Dice Tower Award nominations are out. 
Lance Myxter the Undead Viking at TMG
The whole Asmodee, Privateer Press price fixing thing and my total bemusement. Is it pure ludditry?

***The Good, The Bad & The Ugly*** 34:00
Happy Pigs 
Burgle Brothers

***What game is behind the door*** 53:26
Game show with Ben Maddox from Perfect Information podcast

***The Babble*** 1:21:02
Good games never fade away. They get replayed over and over again. So, what is it that gives a game a long life?

Is it because it has a theme you love?
Is it because it’s different every time you play it?
Is it because of the the level of complexity/easiness that brings you back?
If you were a game designer, what would you do to make your game replayable?