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A live YouTube podcast were Burky and Badger (Kevin Burkhardsmeier and Barry Doublet) babble about board games. We chat with guests as well as the live audience. Play game show games and babble...about board games, of course (sometimes).

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Dec 12, 2015

With our special guest Sam Healey and a special competition that ends on January 3rd 2016

***Things that make us go Hmmm!*** 5:15
Oika Oika home shopping
Gen Con is expanding

***The Good, The Bad & The Ugly*** 16:01
Star Wars Risk black box
Star Wars:X-wing
Neuroshima: Convoy

***Contest*** 35:40
find out how you can win a:
Treasury money deck from Know Chance Games
an 18" player mat from Robert Burke Games

***What game is behind the door*** 38:49
This is were we quiz our guest about games they like, are expecting and have just acquired, in a game show fashion.

***The Babble*** 1:04:00
Is your gaming group only bringing in the newest games? Is it “you” that brings these, fresh off the press, boxes of joy to each gaming night? Are you ever mislead by the hype of new games? Or, are you fed up of learning new game every time you go and meet your friends, because they are in the “cult of the new?”